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Narrative Research is one of Canada’s foremost full-service market intelligence and market research companies. With one of the largest contingents of Certified Analytics and Insights Professionals (CAIPs) in the country, Narrative Research offers unparalleled expertise to guide their client’s research.

Narrative Research is an Accredited Agency member of the Canadian Research Insights Council (CRIC), the governing body that sets standards for the research industry in Canada.

As a non-partisan research provider, the company provides a full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative research services, working extensively with public, private, and non-profit sector clients across Canada and abroad.

Narrative Research is proudly 100% Canadian-owned and WBE (Women Business Enterprise) certified.


After recently undergoing an extensive rebrand, we were tasked with creating a new website to bring the Narrative Research positioning to their online presence while employing current best practices to ensure longevity and future growth.

Working alongside the amazing team at Curve Communications, we set out to create a purposeful online visual strategy that translated perfectly across all devices and viewports.


Current customers in public relations and government organizations.


Discovery + Exploration
Creative Direction
Competitive Analysis


Website Design
Grids and Templates


Strategic repositioning

Armed with a new logo and brand elements, a complete redesign was required to bring Narrative Research in line with website best practices, considering mobile first, search engine optimization and efficiency, as well as a certain level of accessibility and expansion.

We strategically walked the Narrative Research key stakeholders through the five elements of user experience to ensure buy-in at each level and targets were met.

Laying solid foundations

Once the strategy, scope, and audit were completed, we set to work on planning the structure and creating the key user flows.

Through simplified userflows and site mapping, including those for sign-up processes to allow for subscription services, booking system integration, and employee recruitment, we were able to demonstrate optimal user paths while identifing and rectifing potential sticking points early on.

With signoff, we were able to move towards creating low-fidelity mockups to propose the placement headers, content areas, CTAs, tabs, FPO photos, text blocks, etc.

This step is designed to optimize the hierarchy of all primary pages and arrangement of their contained elements to determine maximum effect and efficiency.

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