The story behind the

CAPIC rebrand.

CAPIC is a membership based association representing and advocating for professional photographers, illustrators, and digital artists across Canada.

Founded in 1978 as a national not-for-profit association, CAPIC has been dedicated to safeguarding and promoting the rights and interests of photographers, illustrators and digital artists, working in the communications industry.

Historically CAPIC has created value in membership by being a strong advocate for those working in the industry and promoting ethics and professional business practices.


To engage, encourage and communicate the values of the organization to potential members through a revitalization and implementation of a reinvigorated CAPIC identity system.


  1. To signify to people that are already familiar with CAPIC that something has changed.
  2. To appeal to a younger audience with contemporary colours and typography.
  3. To develop a set of resources that can be utilized by the National and local chapters to project a consistent message across all channels.


Discovery + Exploration
Creative Direction
Competitive Analysis
Brand Voice + Tone
Key Messaging


Visual Identity Systems
Custom Logotype
Brand Guidelines
Collateral Material
Grids and Templates




A renewed commitment to the
creative community.

To re-envision and redesign a visual identity for CAPIC that connects with the organization’s current membership while helping to create engagement with students and young creatives starting their careers.

The new visual identity is to be a symbol for a singular voice and educational resources of ethical and professional practice for professional photographers and illustrators across the nation.




A symbol connected to the
creatives CAPIC serves.

Connecting with members and engaging the next generation is essential to CAPIC’s success as a member driven organization. The visual identity is modern and vibrant, flexible and approachable. CAPIC understands the importance of connection and dialogue. The CAPIC visual identity is a symbol for a singular voice for creatives and the educational resource of ethical and professional practice for professional image creators.

The CAPIC visual identity implies knowledge, connection, and inclusion in a simple, modern glyph supported by a bespoke wordmark and curated font pairing.

Representing the core professional practices of Photography and Illustration, the identity is youthful and contemporary yet maintains a connection to the past and honours the organization’s history.

With an inherent movement, the two sides converge to symbolize the free flow of dialogue and communication between all members.

It is a symbol of vigilance and a constant reminder of a deep commitment to CAPIC’s members and the organization’s continued promise to elevate professional creatives through advocacy and education.





Colour with purpose.

Blue is the favourite colour of many. It’s nature’s colour for water and sky but is rarely found in fruits and vegetables. Today, blue is embraced as the colour of heaven and authority, denim jeans, and corporate logos. Bright blue: cleanliness, strength, dependability, coolness. Most blues convey a sense of trust, loyalty, cleanliness, and understanding. Blue ranks so high as a favourite colour that you can’t go wrong if you use blue. However, blue can be over-used and may wind up a design cliché if used alone. Combining blue with another colour creates a more creative effect.

From a colour psychology perspective, blue is reliable and responsible and radiates security and trust. You can be sure that the colour blue can take control and do the right thing in difficult situations. (1)

The blue colour needs order and planning in its life, including the way it lives and works.The success of blue is defined by the quality and quantity of its relationships. It’s a giver, not a taker. Blue likes to build strong, trusting relationships and is deeply hurt if the trust is betrayed. Dark blue is associated with knowledge, power, integrity, and professionalism.

This is how the colour blue affects you (2):

Soothes and relaxes, prevents chaos

Opens up communication

Extends your perspective and intuition ability

Provides a feeling of coolness and peace

Pantone: 2935C
RGB: 0,91,187
CMYK: 100,52,0,0
HEX: 005bbb

RGB: 28,28,28
CMYK: 72,66,65,77
HEX: 1c1c1c

RGB: 247,245,224
CMYK: 2,2,3,0
HEX: f7f5f2

RGB: 0,54,110
CMYK: 100,87,30,18
HEX: 00366e

RGB: 41,199,161
CMYK: 68,0,50,0
HEX: 29c7a1

RGB: 237,191,71
CMYK: 7,24,84,0
HEX: edbf47

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