Caring for those who protect us

Using a comprehensive, four-module prevention program, Resilient Minds is designed specifically for first responders, with a focus on firefighters, to support them in areas of psychological trauma and workplace stress.


Our primary goal is to create a visual identity that embodies the Resilient Minds system of healing and recovery.

Their new new visual identity had to also reside alongside the existing CMHA visual identity.


First responders who have experience workplace PTSD


Discovery + Exploration
Creative Direction
Competitive Analysis


Visual Identity Systems
Colour Specification


Capitolizing on the concept of the mind, as illustrated by the shape of the brain with the two halves making up a whole.

This solution reduces the shape of the brain down to a simplified and dynamic graphic representative of neurotransmitters, the chemicals that relay messages between neurons. Embracing the mind and a metaphor of nurturing, care and safety the outer lifework is a nod to the St.Florian cross, a symbol of firefighters around the globe and the origins of this important program.

Pantone 315 c
RGB: 0, 105, 131
CMYK: 100, 8, 18, 38
Hex: 006983

Pantone 3285 c
RGB: 0, 149, 129
CMYK: 97, 1, 49, 3
Hex: 009581

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